Patrick Marchand

Building this Website

First posted on 2018-08-11

My old website (Which will soon point here) was hosted on a Vultr vm running OpenBSD 6.2.

It was statically generated using Hakyll. This worked pretty well, but now that I’ve switched to using OpenBSD as my main driver, using Haskell daily is a little more annoying. This is due to there being no Stack port and to OpenBSD being a lot stricter with applications that map memory as W | X. I am not interested in mounting my home directory as WXALLOWED and have decided to switch to another solution to generate my website.

SSG is a simple shell script that uses the many trusted tools in OpenBSD (with a few small external dependencies for markdown and ease-of-life). This means it should be trivial to use on any POSIX operating system and will be simple to extend for my personal needs.

I’ve taken the time to properly setup a git post-receive hook to build the website automatically and started automatically renewing the certificate with acme-client(1) and cron(8).

The css is a mix of rules from Roman Zolotarev and Undeadly.

I also moved from Vultr to obsd.ams. This is not a complaint against Vultr, their service works just fine. I chose obsd.ams because it supports the OpenBSD project through donations and testing of the network and virtualization stack.