Patrick Marchand

(Better) Integration of the plan9 plumber in unix

The plan9 plumber(4) is very useful when used with acme(1), but I’ve always wanted to integrate it more with the rest of my environment, turns out it’s dead simple.

xterm(1) (and many other applications) will send whatever you select directly to the clipboard. That means that you can pipe your clipboard content directly to the plumber(4) with

xclip -o | plumb -i

You can try this now by opening acme(1), selecting a man(1) page reference in any X(7) window, making sure it’s in your clipboard and executing the previous command.

This will work with all your other plumb(6) rules as well, except for those that depend on your working directory, such as file references, I’m still trying to fix that problem.


My current script

I’m currently using a custom plumb(6) rule to read man pages.

You can link the command to a keyboard shortcut, I simply call dmenu(1)