Patrick Marchand

Updating to SSG2

SSG, the script used to update this website, has updated from version 1 to version 2.

Contrary to most software updates, this one simplifies it by removing dependencies and delegating certain features to other scripts, some of the more interesting changes include:

Adding a Makefile

This added composability does necessitate more tracking of the commands necessary for each steps, but I solved this by using make(1).

You can find my Makefile here, it allows one to have an RSS feed for every category (folder) of posts.

The important parts are the following:


This is BSD make(1)

Since the rss target is a prereq of the build target, SSG will copy all index.xml files over to DST

RSS feeds are only rebuilt if files have been modified more recently than index.xml files were created. So keep track of your modifications to posts in your `' files if you want the updates to be applied.

I feel like many of SSG’s responsabilities could be subsumed by make(1), but the sh(1) approach is valid as well.